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Online Sic Bo in Australia

Kate Smith | May 6, 2021 | Updated on: January 30th, 2023

Australian Sic Bo CasinosTake a crack at online sic bo for a chance of winning big playing the ancient dice game. The casino game is played using three dice, and players have to determine the outcome of the roll to win. There is a large contingent of Australian players that enjoy the Chinese game for real money. You can join that group of players if you learn the best sic bo strategy to win.Go through our guide to discover the best way to win at sic bo online. We have shortlisted the best sic bo sites that you can join and claim a generous bonus offer. There are plenty of bonuses and promotions that are designed for the three-dice game online. Try your luck and see if you can guess the correct total at the online casinos that we recommend.

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How to Play Sic Bo Online

Play Three Dice Game for MoneyMuch like playing craps, sic bo is a game less to do with much skill but luck. You can improve the probability of winning by learning the best betting strategy for sic bo. Here’s how the procession of the game follows:

Players will be required to place a bet on the sic bo table layout. The bet will be on the total number of the dice roll. There is no shooter in sic bo. Therefore, the three dice are put in a cylindrical container and shaken to produce a random result.

Once the outcome of the dice is revealed and you have predicted the correct total, your bet will be paid accordingly. Study the sic bo bets that you can make below, as well as the payouts that you can get if you win.

Sic Bo Bets and Payouts

Aussie players can place as many sic bo bets as they want on a number of outcomes. It is important to consider the payout of a particular bet and the odds of winning that bet because they differ for each wager.

Roll the dice and place your wager on any of the following sic bo bets:

Single Bet

Instead of betting on the total number of all three dice, you have the option of betting on just one. The house edge on the bet is 3.7%, and you only need that number to appear on just one die. The payout is 1/1 of your bet.

Double Bet

Not to be confused with the Pair Bet, the Double Bet involves having two dice with the number you predicted. The payout is a lot higher at 10/1, and the house advantage is 18.5%.

Pair Bet

In a Pair Bet, you bet on the combined total of two of the three dice in the game. The payout is set at 6/1 and the edge is 2.5%

Total Bet

As the name suggests, the Total Bet is the aggregate outcome of the three dice. The payout is dependent on the number you think will appear. For instance, the higher the number, the higher the probability that it will come out. In turn, this lowers the payout. The inverse is true. The lower the number you bet, the higher the payout you’ll receive.

Triple Bet

The bet with the highest payout 180/1, the Triple Bet involves a wager on the correct numbers that will appear on all three dice. Because the likelihood of that happening is slim, it is recommended that you steer clear of this bet. The house advantage is 16.2%

Big Bet

One of the most popular bets, the Big Bet, includes totals on the higher end of the spectrum – from 11 to 17. It pays out even money.

Small Bet

The Small Bet, on the other hand, is on the lower end of the spectrum. If the total number of all three dice is between 4 and 10, you win. It has a house edge of 2.78%, and it also pays out even money. It is important to remember though that triples are excluded from this bet.

Online Sic Bo Games

Best Sic Bo Strategy

Online Sic Bo Australia SitesThere are different strategies that you can use on multiple versions of the sic bo game, especially if you play against a live dealer who rolls the dice. In online games that use a random number generator, a computer reveals the outcome. Live sic bo, on the other hand, has a croupier that shakes the container and performs the dice roll.

In both casino games, there are basic strategies that you can improve your chances of winning:

  • Bet on low-risk wagers such as Small or Big because they have great odds.
  • Prioritize placing combination bets instead of singles or pair because they have a low house edge and relatively good odds.
  • Never place Triple Bets even if they have a high payout because they are risky.
  • Set up a budget that you can manage and after collecting your winnings, cash out.

Sic Bo Online FAQs

What is sic bo?

Sic Bo is one of the oldest gambling games, originating from China. It is played with three dice, soled using a cylindrical container, and players bet on the outcome.

How do you play sic bo?

Players have to place a bet on the sic bo table layout on the combination that may result from the roll of dice. The three dice will be shaken inside the cylindrical container, and once it stops, the number will be revealed. If your chosen combination appears, you will receive a payout in accordance with the odds of the bet.

How do you beat Tai Sai strategy?

The best way to win at sic bo is to stick to a betting pattern that focuses on either Big and Small bets. The bets have a low house edge, and you can play on a limited budget.

What does Tai Sai mean?

Tai Sai is a Chinese word that can loosely be translated as big and small. It is the name of the dice game (sic bo) played with three dice, and players have to bet on the outcome. The literal meaning of sic bo is precious dice.

How do you cheat sic bo?

It is not possible to cheat at sic bo, especially if you cannot get your hands on the dice. The one hack that pro gamblers use is to identify a pattern in the gameplay. You can make smarter bets by betting on Small or Big bets and maintaining that pattern after a winning streak has been established.

How do you predict sic bo?

The best way to predict sic bo is if you bet on all three dice to improve your odds using the law of averages. All three dice have six sides, and if you can use mathematical data to study previous results, you can predict the result with reasonable accuracy. Protection Status