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Texas Hold’em Australia – Play Texas Holdem Poker Online

Kate Smith | May 26, 2021 | Updated on: December 21st, 2022

Texas Hold’em PokerTexas Hold’em is the most popular online poker variation to date. The reason is simple; the game is action-packed and easy to pick up.Hold’em poker isn’t only the preferred poker game of the World Series of Poker main event, but also every day online players too. Usually, Hold’em tables are full, with Australian players taking advantage of exciting cash games, tournaments, and Texas Hold’em bonus offers.

In this quick guide, we walk you through Texas Hold’em rules, how to play, and strategies to win, among other things. We also recommend the best Texas Holdem online casinos and apps to play. When you sign up, expect lots of stakes and variations for all budgets.

Play Texas Holdem Online in 2021

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Texas Hold’em for Real Money

When you play Texas Hold’em for money online, most of the mechanics are already sorted for you. This means that the gameplay won’t be as complicated as you may find at land-based casinos. The casino software or live croupier deals the cards for you as well as counting the bets made and prompting action.

Australian players can play real money Texas Hold’em by simply choosing a casino on our list, sign up, fund your casino account, and joining a Texas Hold’em poker table within your budget. You will find cash games, Texas Hold’em poker tournaments, and Sit ‘n Go’s.

Texas Hold'em Poker Set

Basic Texas Holdem Rules

Texas Hold’em poker rules are not complicated and are quite similar to the other poker casino games. Here is a rundown:

  • Texas Hold’em is played with a standard 52 card deck and allows up to 9 players.
  • Bets are placed in front of the player.
  • The dealer role moves to the left with each hand.
  • The person on the dealer’s right cuts the cards after a shuffle (unless an automated shoe is used.)
  • If at any point during the rounds, all but one player decides to fold and quit, they win the pot. This is because their hand is not revealed and the opponents wouldn’t know if the player was bluffing.
  • The Ace is considered high except that it can be used to form a straight hand.

How to Play Texas Holdem Poker in Australia

Texas Hold'em PlayTexas Holdem is a community card game, where the aim is to get the best five-card poker hand based on standard poker hand rankings.

Before each hand in Texas Holdem poker, two players on the table must make what’s called the ’small blind’ and ‘big blind’. These are forced bets and there is no way around it. The player on the left of the dealer or dealer button posts the small wager, while the opponent on the player’s direct left posts the ‘big blind’. This is usually double the amount of the ‘small blind’.

In the first round of Texas Hold’em, each player gets dealt two cards face down. These cards are known as ‘hole cards’ and this first betting round is known as the pre-flop.

Then, over a couple more rounds, five more cards are dealt in the middle of the table. These are called the ‘community cards’. Players use these seven cards (hole cards and community cards) to make the highest possible 5-card Texas Holdem hand.

To form the hand, you can use either; use both your hole cards and three community cards, one hole card and four community cards, or use no hole cards at all.

During the preflop players have three options, to:

  1. Call – match the amount of the big blind.
  2. Raise – increase your bet within the specific limits of that table.
  3. Fold – quit.

Community cards are dealt in three betting phases. The flop; comes after the preflop, and this is where the first three cards are dealt. The turn; one more community card is dealt. Then, finally, the river; where the fifth and last community card is dealt.

The final round is the showdown, where players reveal their hole cards and with the help of the dealer, the winning hand is determined. The player with the best hand gets the pot!

Texas Holdem Hands

Below are Texas Holdem poker hands ranked from highest to lowest.

  1. Royal Flush – A, K, Q, J, and 10 of the same suit.
  2. Straight Flush – five consecutive cards of the same suit.
  3. Four of a Kind – four cards of the same rank.
  4. Full House – three cards of the same rank and two more cards of another rank.
  5. Flush – five cards of the same suit in no order.
  6. Straight – five consecutive cards of any suit.
  7. Three of a Kind – three cards of the same rank and two cards of different ranks.
  8. Two Pair – two cards of the same rank, and another pair of the same rank.
  9. One Pair – two cards of the same rank.
  10. High Card – a hand that does not match any of the mentioned.
Texas Hold'em Poker Hands

Game Variations

There many ways to play Texas Hold em poker online, including:

  • Texas No-Limit Hold’em – the most common version of the game, which mixes action with chance and skill. Here, Australian players bet however many chips they want with the go ‘all-in’ option.
  • Limit Hold’em – this version only allows you to bet a certain amount on each round because of its pre-set limits.
  • Pot Limit – not as popular as the ones above, but this variation is also fun to play. Here, players are only allowed to bet however much is in the pot for that particular game.
  • Texas Hold’em Tournament – involve either a one sit ‘n go or multi-tables and betting rounds. These are very popular but are only available at specific casinos.

Best Texas Holdem Strategy

Winning Texas Hold'em StrategyJoining a Texas Holdem poker table with no strategy at all is as good as walking into a casino and dropping off your money. Because there is no point in playing and not aiming to win. Even a basic Texas Holdem strategy can change the narrative. Below we list the best hacks to help you win:

  • Passive vs aggressive – first you need to check what kind of Hold’em player you are; passive or aggressive. An aggressive player tends to bet and raise, while a passive player is likely to call or check. Knowing the difference between the two can help you balance out your decision-making.
  • Your sitting position – it’s very important to pay attention to your position in Texas Hold’em. That is where you are in terms of the blinds to see the actions of your players before your turn.
  • Starting hands – your hole cards are your starting hand and what you hold affects the outcome. For example, while two pairs are okay, bigger pairs such as pocket Aces are better.
  • Bluffing 101 – bluffing refers to when you bet or raise with a lower hand. The goal is to get your opponents to fold so you can win in the showdown. This move is good and it works, but only when you’re in the late position with one or two opponents left.

Texas Hold’em Cheat Sheet

The Texas Hold’em cheat sheet is essential if you need help picking the right starting hands. Even a good hand may prove to be wrong depending on the situation you are in and the types of opponents you are playing.

The cheat sheet for Hold’em tells you what you to do based on the hole cards you are dealt.  We go into more detail on this in our comprehensive guide.

Ways to Win Texas Hold em – Expert Tips

Winning at Texas Hold em is easy if you are disciplined with your gameplay. Best Texas Holdem TipsWith the right choices, you can win your Texas Hold em hand on your first attempt. Here are some expert tips to help you make the right choices:

  • Manage your bankroll – bankroll management is important in every other game. Before you deposit at a casino, decide how much you can afford to lose and stick to that budget. If you win; great! You can withdraw some of your money and choose how much you want to continue playing with.
  • Don’t chase your losses – if the game doesn’t turn out how you expected, simply leave. There is no point in losing and depositing more money in the hopes you will recover what you have lost. Rather try other games.
  • Try free games – Texas Hold’em is a game of skill, therefore if you are new to the game, it is advisable to try it for free to learn how it works until you are comfortable enough to play for real money.

Play Free Texas Holdem Online in Australia

The best casino sites in Australia allow punters to play Texas Holdem online free. With free Texas Holdem games, you don’t need to deposit into your casino account. You can play the game with free credits that the casino provides.

Free Texas Holdem poker is a good alternative if you want to try out new strategies or improve your gaming skills.

FAQs for Texas Holdem Poker

Is Texas Holdem rigged?

Texas Holdem is not rigged if you play at licensed, reputable casinos. Such sites are regulated by gaming authorities and their games are tested for fairness regularly by independent agencies.

How do you win Texas Holdem every time?

It is quite impossible to win Texas Holdem every time. You may win frequently, but eventually, you will lose a hand or two because the game does have a house edge. All casino games are designed to benefit the house and Texas Holdem is one of them.

What makes Texas Hold’em different?

What makes Texas Hold’em different from other poker games are the hole cards the player is dealt. Texas Hold’em uses two hole cards, while other variations like Omaha has four hole cards.

Is an Ace high in Texas Holdem?

Yes, an Ace is high in Texas Holdem. Pocket Aces are the highest pair, while an Ace can also be used to form a straight hand. An Ace also completes a royal flush, which is the best hand in Texas Hold’em.

Is Texas Holdem luck or skill?

Texas Holdem is mostly skill because of the decision-making process during the different phases of betting. Luck usually plays out when the dealer gives you the best starting hand or the lowest and you still manage to win with no skill at all.

Why is Texas Hold’em so popular?

Texas Hold’em is popular because of the exposure it has gotten to date. For instance, the game has been popularly displayed on television, every casino has it and it played at the biggest events, such as the WSOP.

Is Omaha harder than Hold’em?

No, it’s actually the other way around. Hold’em is a little harder than Omaha in that making a pair in the game could prove to be difficult, while in Omaha the drawing hands are king. The average winning hand in Omaha is also much stronger.

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